Missing the Bump

Every time I see my lil one, I can’t believe a 7 pound 21 inches living being was inside me. I ask my husband (Deep) every now and then,”Can you believe it ?”  And his response is inevitably “No.  But, I was not pregnant, God has given you women the gift of child bearing.”

Becoming a mom, a parent is such a big event in one’s life,  it feels like a miracle to me. The 9 month process which looked like a never ending affair, now is just a memory.

I have been lately missing that phase and now look back to those memories on my iPhone pics and my maternity book.What am I missing about being pregnant ? The waiting period to have the baby out, the pampering from family and friends,the planning and organizing, the curiosity of who will the baby look like , the routine I set for myself or is it my big heavy bump?

I realized its my BUMP!  The part of me that made my nights so uncomfortable, my clothes shrunk, mobility so difficult, driving uneasy , back pain, shoulder pain and what not. However, right now at this moment  I miss putting my hand on it, rubbing it , measuring it and looking myself in the mirror everyday and being amazed at what a human body can do. Our body goes through a lot during pregnancy and this experience has made me love it and respect it even more.

Seeing my bump grow each month and taking its pictures, finding that T shirt and maxi dress that I can still fit in, feeling the baby’s kicks, hiccups and movements, listening to his heart beat on the baby heart monitor or eating food by placing the plate on my round bump, are all faded memories. At that moment it was not a very pleasant experience ,yet today it has become the most important and memorable phase of my life.

True! pregnancy is not easy, they say its preparing you for whats going to come next. My friends told me to enjoy this phase as your life will change forever. But, how does one enjoy being hormonal, cranky, always hungry, tired and of course the elephant in the room (I mean that literally). Pregnancy wasn’t easy for me. I had Sciatica pain, morning sickness and sleeping problems that made me very uncomfortable. I often would get irritated and upset with the fact that I had to wait for another few months and weeks and that  I couldn’t control the situation and I had to be patient( which I am not). Also my weight gain was causing me grief and the thought of loosing all of it was making me anxious. I was waiting for all of it to get over and praying that I don’t have to wait for more than 40 weeks to deliver.

I am 2 months postpartum today as I write this post and all I miss right now is my pregnancy,and my bump. It was special , it was a life changing experience and it was the period when I felt most complete. I just din’t realize it.

Gosh ! I had 2 hearts beating inside me !!

Below are few pictures from my pregnancy.I feel I haven’t looked so beautiful  in my entire life as I do here in this pic. Its my best 🙂

@ Herman Park in Houston for my maternity shoot in March 2016 , by our very close friend Abhishek Anchliya

Arushi (46 of 57)


At our baby shower in April 2016.


This picture is just a day before my delivery on 12th May 2016 . Thanks to Pinkblushmaternity for this beautiful maxi dress.



24 thoughts on “Missing the Bump

  1. This is an amazing write up which gave me goosebumps !!
    Every mommy in this world will relate to each feeling u penned down.
    Loved it❤️❤️❤️


  2. I am going through it and cribbing about something or other every now and then. I am sure my last trimester will be more complex and challenging, but if this bump is the best of it, i will make a point to enjoy it more.


    • Noopur Congratulations !! Trust me I was in the same state, you will definitely miss the bump and your pregnancy , for now be healthy and stay safe and enjoy this phase 🙂


  3. Nice write up Ayushi! I am a mommy of two boys now ( 4 years and 10 months). And i could relate so much to every bit of what you have shared here. I still keep wondering if these little miracles were actually inside me. Its true…i will always miss that phase of my life and so will all mommies around the world and yet each of our experiences is so special to us. Thank you for taking time to write this up…it took me back to the memory lane.


    • I am glad you like it Schephalica! Its true that its unbelievable at times we brought a life in this world. Stay hooked will write more ❤️


  4. Amazing write up Arushi! I could relate to each and every word..being a mother is the best feeling in this world..there’s nothing in comparison to that 🙂 after becoming a mom, whenever I see a pregnant woman, it brings a smile to my face..I find them so pretty 🙂 have a great and naughty moments with ur little one..lots of love


    • Thanks Rachna ! Same here i feel every pregnant woman should know this is a great phase of their life, they should be proud . ❤️


  5. Heartiest Congratulations Arushi.
    Fantabulous description of the most beautiful feeling for any person. Males unfortunately are deprived of this feeling directly but somewhere a good husband always wishes to share this sweet pain with his better half. Wish in next life mom and dad share the feeling together making it even more beautiful and memorable. All the best. Stay blessed.


    • Thanks Manoj for your comments ! I feel husbands play a very important part, their love,support and understanding is very necessary to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. My husband was my team mate. Thats what I told him always , we are a team and we need to stick always.


  6. Many congratulations Arushi! Beautifully penned down… Am a mommy of 13 months old boy , my little monkey. Had gone through a severely painful pregnancy wid advised bed rest, morning sickness, sleepless nights but never realised the beauty of my ‘Bump’ . After reading ur blog, am wondering I cud hv made my pregnancy more easy by living each moment like queen size instead of cursing each passing day… Though I loved my baby kicks…thanks for an enlightening write up… Way to go for a next one😜😊


  7. Many Congratulations Arushi! Beautifully penned down..Am a mommy of 13 months old boy, my little monkey:) I can relate to all the emotions u have gone through…But i had a severely painful last trimester which made me curse each passing day, was advised complete bed rest. Same morning sickness, sleepless nights , irritation and what not…but after reading your blog I wish i cud have njoyed my ‘BUMP’ and come over all anxiety i went through… d best i loved was my baby kicks (wid music) when i use to go for parties:)…seems way to go for next one:) Keep writing…all d best.


    • Thanks Deepti! Yes pregnancy is a memorable experience and a painful one too! I loved the kicks , i always looked forward to them! Check out my new post , coming soon ❤️


  8. It’s an unique and deeply emotional write up Arushi! You did make pregnancy sound all the more beautiful with your kind words and memories. I do not have any experience here, but I really enjoyed reading this. I must say each of your photos are gorgeous and even though I have seen those real time, I still spend quite a bit looking at them every time. You are equally beautiful inside as your are outside.
    All the love to the mommy and the adorable baby Vir!


    • Thanks for the kind words Niharika ❤️❤️! I am sure you will clearly enjoy pregnancy, and will be beautiful looking pregnant lady 😘


  9. It took 10 years, a lot of unsuccessful fertility treatments and almost giving up hope before I got pregnant. I had a wonderful pregnancy with just a little morning sickness and heartburn so I enjoyed every bit that I could. I felt so beautiful and loved feeling my bump and the movements. I can totally relate to your experience, I missed the bump a lot and would always look at my baby and wonder how he was inside me and how is here in my arms. Great write up!


  10. Beautifully written…could relate to your nostalgia of pregnancy…still feels unreal that my lill munchkin (6 months now) was in my tummy! Most women complain about feeling and looking bloated and clumsy during pregnancy, but I, like you, have never felt more beautiful. My skin glowed, my hair was thick and lush…and since I was eating better…i actually looked more toned!! That’s what I always tell my baby now..you made mommy glow, it was all you…and now that you are out, mom is back to plain ole girl again! 😛


  11. First of al heartiest congratulations and welcome to the Mommy world. Very nice write up. Will wait for more to follow !! Keep it coming . Cheers !!


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