Arushi Garg, Super Fan on NBC’s Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Season 1. Coming soon this May.

Are you ready for the ultimate automotive showdown?

Look no further than NBC’s Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge, the action-packed competition featuring contestants battling it out in a series of car transformatio challenges.

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premieres May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and next day on Peacock.

If you follow my Instagram or TikTok page you must have seen my recent announcement of my particpation in the #NBCHotWheels competition.

As a lifelong car and Hot Wheels enthusiast, I was honored to be selected to participate in this adrenaline-fueled show. From building my own lifesize Hot Wheels car to navigating intense obstacles, this challenge pushed me and other contestants to test our skills and knowledge of cars while being fully creative and thinking outside the box to create a lifesize toy.

But the competition wasn’t the only highlight of the show. I also had the opportunity to work with a talented and experienced car poolers, judges and crew, who helped us every step of the way. And the camaraderie and sportsmanship among the contestants made the experience even more special.

Now, I’m counting down the days until the show airs on NBC.

Find the exclusive trailer here and list of all contestants and car poolers, judges and celeberities here on’s Exclusive article.

Will I emerge victorious, or will another contestant take home the title? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

If you’re a fan of cars, racing, and high-stakes competitionand most importantly Hot Wheels , you won’t want to miss this thrilling show.

Get ready for the ultimate automotive showdown, and join me in watching NBC’s Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge. This will be the perfect treat for the entire family.

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premieres May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and next day on Peacock.

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BTW Guess who is more proud me or my son!! Hotwheels SUPER FANS.


Raising Confident and Assertive Kids: Tips for Helping Gentle Children Stand Up for Themselves

As parents, we want our children to be happy, confident, and successful in life. Unfortunately, bullying is a reality for many kids, and it can be difficult for gentle and timid children to stand up for themselves. Recently my son faced an incident in school where he came back home with a bruise on his leg after being kicked by a classmate and tripped by another.

To be candid, the possibility of my son being harmed or bullied by a friend or classmate was a concern that weighed heavily on my mind. Unfortunately, it came to pass sooner than I anticipated, and while we took it as an opportunity to work with the school and teachers to address these issues, we also came to the realization that we need to take proactive steps as a family to empower and protect him

I recently shared my experience on my Instagram stories and received an outpouring of support from mothers who opened up to me about their own struggles with similar matters. Many expressed their fears of their children facing similar situations and were grateful for the opportunity to share tips and advice on raising confident and resilient kids.

In this blog post today, I will be sharing some of the strategies we have implemented at home to help our child cope with these challenges. Additionally, I will also be sharing valuable insights and recommendations from other mothers who have gone through similar experiences and have raised or raisng successfully confident and gentle kids.

Here are some of the things that parents can do to help their kids develop the skills and confidence they need to deal with bullies and other challenging situations. These are based of my understanding and experience and I am not an expert in child psycology. However these are some of key tips I like to include that have been helping my 6 year old.

  1. Encourage self-expression. Children who are comfortable expressing themselves are less likely to be bullied. Encourage your child to speak up and express their thoughts and feelings, and listen carefully when they do. If they are shy, try to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. (After our son was hurt by his friends, he did complain to his teacher and also asked for an apology from them in front of the entire class. Personally I was very proud of him for standing up for himself and using his voice.)
  2. Teach assertiveness skills. Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for oneself and communicate one’s needs and opinions in an appropriate and confident manner. Teach your child how to be assertive by modeling assertiveness yourself and providing opportunities for them to practice. For example, you could role-play situations where they need to stand up for themselves or assert their rights.
  3. Build self-esteem. Children who feel good about themselves are less likely to be bullied and more likely to stand up for themselves. Help your child build their self-esteem by praising their strengths and accomplishments, and encouraging them to try new things and take risks.(The Self-Esteem Workbook for Kids: Activities to Help Children Build Confidence and Achieve Success” by Lisa M. Schab and Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell are some great books to check our for teens and elementarty kids.)
  4. Teach conflict resolution skills. Conflict is a natural part of life, and children need to learn how to handle it in a healthy and productive way. Teach your child how to resolve conflicts by compromising, listening to others, and finding mutually acceptable solutions. We often role play at home and ask our son how he would act in a particular situations and help see his POV too.Talk about bullying: Open up a dialogue with your child about bullying and what they can do to protect themselves. Discuss different scenarios and role play to help them develop their own responses.
  5. Be a good role model. Children learn by example, so be a good role model by demonstrating assertiveness, self-confidence, and respect for others. Show your child how to handle difficult situations with grace and poise, and help them understand that it’s okay to walk away from a situation if it becomes too uncomfortable.
  6. Support and empower your child. Let your child know that they can always come to you for support and guidance, and that you believe in them. Empower your child by encouraging them to make their own decisions and stand up for themselves. One of the most important quality I stress on as a mom.
  7. Practice self-defense techniques: Consider enrolling your child in a self-defense class or teaching them some basic techniques for protecting themselves in emergency situations. We are enrolling our son to a martial arts camp for spring.
  8. Foster independence: Encourage your child to be self-reliant and to solve problems on their own. This will build their confidence and help them to become more resilient.
  9. Promote positive body image: Help your child to develop a positive self-image and to be proud of who they are. This will help them to feel good about themselves and to resist negative influences. One of the biggest conversations in the homes of people of color. Whether it is skin color, hair or the way they look we have to foster positive mindset daily and practce what we preach in front of our kids.
  10. Encourage positive relationships: Teach your child how to build and maintain healthy relationships with others. Encourage them to surround themselves with friends who are positive and supportive. This is something we need to continue working on as our children grow and their friend circle changes and matures over time.
  11. Seek outside support: If your child is being bullied, consider seeking outside support from teachers, counselors, or a child psychologist. They can provide additional strategies and resources to help your child feel safe and supported.

In conclusion, as a parent, it is important to help your child build their self-esteem and confidence so that they can stand up for themselves and handle difficult situations with ease. I hope by implementing the tips and resources shared in this blog post, we can provide a strong foundation for our children to thrive and succeed in life.

Remember that every child is unique, so be patient and supportive as they grow and develop their own sense of self-worth. And above all, let them know that they are loved, valued, and capable of overcoming any challenges that come their way.



PS: My DMs are open to discuss more. Feel free to connect with me on my Instagram.

Celebrating Festival of Colors, Holi an Ancient Spring Festival!

The Festival of Colors is a celebration of love and inclusion—and a beautiful event for springtime.

This festival celebrates the arrival of spring and harvests to come, and the victory of good over evil. Although it is traditionally a Hindu festival, Holi is celebrated across the globe and is a great equalizer. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of your religion and cultural background: It’s a celebration of love and inclusion.

On the day of Holi, we gather in their backyards, terraces, neighborhoods, or driveways to play Holi with brightly colored powders. In our celebrations, we set up tables with bags of colors and water balloons, pools filled with colored water, and water blasters or pichkaris. We party with upbeat Bollywood music, local brews or thandai, tasty mithais, and fun-filled chatter—all are essential elements of Holi!

I recently sat down with Women’s Day Magazine and shared more about the colorful festival and it’s importance in our culture.

Check out the full interview here.

Like every year we have some fun plans in the works to celebrate Holi with family and friends and I will also be celebrating Holi in my son’s class.

Here are some of my previous posts on Ideas to celeberate Holi in school.

  1. Celebrating Holi with kids at home and school
  2. Download the Free Mickey Mandala Page here by Intrikate Ink
  3. Ideas on How to Celebrate Holi in Your Child’s Classroom
  4. Planning to celeberate Holi with your babies or toddlers?
  5. Kid Friendly Holi Home Decor and Party ideas.

Hope you enjoy these articles and ideas.

I wish you a fun filled HOLI with your friends and family and these ideas can add to the celebration !!



These 12 South Asian-Owned Businesses Will Be Your Go-To For Diwali and Holiday Season Gifting.

DIY Diwali Lantern by Vir. (As seen on Disney Junior social pages)

The festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated by over a billion people every year globally, and each region and religion celebrates it differently and for different reasons. For some, it’s a new year; a fresh start. For others, it’s the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. For the most part, Diwali is a celebration that culminates in good food, the company of wonderful family and friends, and holistic introspection. Follow our Diwali updates on my Instagram @TheSnazzyMom

This holiday season, whether you want to support a small business or need some amazing gifts, these South Asian-owned businesses have got some of the coolest products. I am curating a list of shops that I love and our my go to!

From delicious sweets, to authentic paan, and homeware to kid’s gifts, these South Asian-owned businesses will definitely deliver the best of the best. We can do our bit by supporting these small business and celebrate the culture!

You can also check our Diwali video from last year on Disney Junior ‘s social page. We had the amazing opportunity to share all about our culture with all Disney fans.

Got sweets on the brain? I have you covered

Simply Mithiai – These are western desserts with a desi twist. Check out the Diwali – Signature Mithai Bonbons and also add a personal touch with a handwritten note.

The Paanwala– It’s a drink. It’s a dessert. It’s a chilled taste bud tantalizer Paan creation, simply put. Check out the Paan Truffle box, a deconstructed version of a Meetha Paan, transformed to a bite size, easy to fall in love for a Paan novice or Connoisseur.

Home Made Diwali sweets , chocolate barks, barfis or store bought dry fruits , dates beautifully packaged in boxes gives the personal touch to your gifts! I am making some for my friends and family! Let the kids get crafty and decorate teh Diwali boxes!

Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Bright & Beautiful Home 

Desi Favors has everything you need from Indian DIY decorations , traditional favor packaging, Quick Indian Backdrop Kits for Indian weddings and more. Their Diwali hampers are wrapped very carefully along with a hand written note and every gift box has a Desi Vibe to it , so we can stay connected to our roots. 

All things Artistic you can  give a gift that is meaningful to the receiver and shows a part of you as well. From scented candles to urli sets the store has artistic pieces that can take your Diwali decor of gifting next level.

Arjuna Design studio a modern lifestyle brand that has some of the most unique and classic contemporary furnishings and accessories. It is a platform that champions for local Indian artists. The lotus branded Masala Dabba is a must have.

Also Sophia Diwali Home Decor Collection will add charm to your home this Diwali season. Welcome your guests this Diwali with a decorative door sign made from solid MDF and available in traditional gold

South Asian influenced confortable children’s fashion, in beautiful print

Hava World- From hand drawn prints to limited edition releases. Each collection of Hava is thoughtfully designed. Extremely soft and comfortable Hava has some of the most unique and fun prints for new borns and upto 6 year olds

Lark Adventurewear is a bestselling kid’s wear brand with clothing made of the softest bamboo essentials that are buttery soft and temperature regulating. Their fall collection joggers are a must have in every kid’s closet. is They partnered with Hava to introduce the first Diwali Pajamas to the world. 

Little Muffet is an online store dedicated to all you lovely kids and mothers who throw the house upside down, trying to find the best attire for every occasion. The store carries a wide range of ethnic clothing for new borns to 15+ and even moms.

Flower Rangoli is the perfect way to decorate your home on Diwali

Kid’s crafts , activities , toys and more

Kulture Khazana thoughtfully created Rangoli Mandala puzzle. That is a blend of fun and focus, family time and independent play, cultural story and game.

Let Ombox captivate all of your senses for your favorite Indian festival. The Diwali box includes beautiful clay divas with hand-pressed flowers, an assortment of rangoli powders with a chic wooden stencil (that doubles as a coaster!) and more! It also includes the beautifully illustrated Indus magazine explaining the stories of Diwali.

Home made Diwali Coloring Card Prinatble -There is no precious gift than something handmade, right? I loved the art work by Pavni Kapoor from PKK DESIGNS and she was so kind to custom make a Diwali Rangoli design card for my readers. Vir loved coloring it and adding some jewels and stickers to bling it upYou can download it HERE.

Desi Chaat-1500 words that will keep the party going. This is THE party game for Desis! If you need a game during get-togethers, potlucks, Diwali parties and more that allows EVERYONE from the family.

You can also read my previous post –

DIY Diwali Craft Ideas For Kids.
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Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and a proseprous New Year!



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Picture it- white sand beaches that are baby soft to the touch, fresh seafood straight from the source and more kid-friendly entertainment than you thought one beach town could handle. Excited? Us too. 

This is what we found when we travelled to Panama City Beach, Florida. 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi

No matter your budget, there are plenty of things to do whether you crave lazy beach days with the kids, nature reserves, sunset cruises or shop-til-you-drop mornings. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the best things to do in PCB with kids. 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Any town with the name “beach” in it pretty much demands that you check out the waterfront. Beaches are free and one of our favorite things to do with kids. With 27 miles of sandy beaches and nearly 100 access points, PCB offers endless opportunities for affordable family-fun experiences.

Go for a swim or snorkel to discover an abundance of underwater wildlife or hop on a fishing trip. You can also search for dolphins on a sunset cruise, try out parasailing or jet skiing like we did. There are loads of water-based activities in Panama City Beach to fill your days that go beyond splashing in the waves and building sand castles (although we love doing that too). 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Truly, one of the top attractions in Panama City Beach is Shell Island. We got to experience Florida in its most natural element along this seven-mile barrier island between St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

My favorite moment? When my 5-year-old son got to see indigenous seashells, like sand dollars, moon snails, conch shells, pin shells, periwinkles, whelk and olive shells, in their natural habitat. He loved that there was no limit to the number of these one-of-a-kind souvenirs he could take home, as long as there were no creatures living in them.

You can rent a pontoon boat, jet skis, private boats or even take the Shell Island Shuttle to get out to the island for a few hours or even a full day of fun. 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Sightseeing while pretending to be pirates on a life-size ship is a dream come true for many kids and even adults. My son couldn’t get enough of singing pirate songs, partaking in pretend sword fights, cleaning the deck, and even looking for sunken treasure during our two-hour Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise.


Shipwreck Island Waterpark is filled with fun, and not just for kids. All ages, even parents and grandparents, will have something to do here. 

Jump waves in the 500,000-gallon wave pool or float down the 660-foot lazy river. From a kiddy area to exhilarating slides, Shipwreck Island has activities and water fun for visitors of all ages. 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Race City Amusement Park is definitely home to some of the most exhilarating Panama City Beach attractions for kids. The PCB 500 is the city’s fastest, steepest and tallest go-kart track. It’s a must-do activity for speed lovers. 

For the little ones in your group, there is a smaller go-kart course that they can conquer. My son was able to take his first spin on the Little Speedy track and cannot stop talking about it.

And don’t worry, if go-karts aren’t your speed, there are also roller coasters, bumper boats, an arcade, and many more of your favorite amusement park rides and activities at Race City. 

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Mini-golf is one of those family-friendly activities that everyone, no matter how young or old, can enjoy together. You could easily spend an entire day at the Coconut Creek Family Fun Park– Laguna Beach conquering their 18-hole mini golf course. The tropical theme plays perfectly into a beach vacation. 

Got older kids? They will love getting lost in the giant maze next to the golf course. 

With the unlimited games package, you can play mini-golf and wander the maze over and over again. We spent several hours here in the evening after a long day in the sun swimming at the beach.

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Pier Park offers visitors an endless array of food options, entertainment and shopping.We found it to be the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs and explore locally-owned boutiques. 

It’s also an easy spot to grab a meal, enjoy ice cream or even pick up a pineapple-flavored drink to cool down. As a family traveling together, I loved that after lunch my son could enjoy a train ride with his daddy, while I snuck off to do some more shopping.

Panama City Beach Florida - Arushi


Don’t be confused by the name– SkyWheel Panama City Beach is an entertainment complex packed with family fun. Soar over the city to enjoy unforgettable panoramic views of Panama City Beach in the fully-enclosed, climate-controlled gondolas. 

SkyWheel’s close proximity to Pier Park provides a sightseeing experience for families with babies and toddlers up to tweens and teens.

12 Travel Must Haves For Kids That Make Traveling Easier For Parents.

(Updated 8/14/2021)

After travelling to over 8 countries and taking several long haul flights with my son when he was baby to now when he is a kindergartner, I have come across several brands and products that I have loved and hated. We parents on our travel come across so many hiccups like a frantic airport terminal, rogue luggage carts, judgmental passengers and thousands other possible hiccups that can make daily parenting battles a bit more strenuous? So being prepared with the right travel gear and travelling light has become my mantra for traveling!

This post has been updated after the pandemic and our recent travels to Hawaii , Kauai in April 2021. 

The key to successfully flying with kids boils down to three things:

Getting to the airport early, planning, and packing light and the right gear. And extra snacks always help.

Below is a list of items I recommend for travelling with toddlers.

1.) JetKids BedBox

I highly recommend this JetKids Bedbox to all parents who are traveling with their kids in flights especially on long haul flights. We got this for our 23 hour journey to India in 2019 and I knew that it would simplify traveling for me and my son. Vir has been using it for more than 2 years now. Its an investment and has saved us with the long walks, flight delay related tantrums and exhaustion etc. while traveling.

This suitcase comes with adjustable strap, two sheets of decorative stickers and a mattress with seat extension.

Although Vir was only 3 and his feet weren’t touching the floor then, he comfortably sat on it while I pulled the jet-box around the airport. The mattress is convenient to extend the seat in the flight and turn it into a bed. It is great for keeping little children’s feet up and also gives space to stretch especially on long flights. Now Vir’s feet cannot be straight like the below pics as he is much taller. 

Also I recommend getting an economy plus or the front row seats for more leg room if your are traveling coach. The jetbox also had ample of storage space to hold some snacks, books, iPad and headphones . When my son didn’t feel like sitting on it while we were waking around the airport, he enjoyed pulling it .  We also used the JetKids Bedbox in a train chair car from Kota to Delhi which was a 7 hours journey! And I seriously felt I hit the jackpot as my son slept comfortably on it. Also there was way more leg space than in a flight. 

2. Ride Safer Travel Vest- ((Updated 8/14/2021)  I was introduced to this vest by my friend Pattie and after researching and trying this myself on our recent trip to Hawaii in April 2021 and Panama City Beach in May,2021 I had to add this to my list of travel must have for parents. We love it and also now have been using it regularly.

With RideSafer you won’t need to haul that heavy car seat through airport security or while you’re rushing through the terminal to make it to your gate on time.. We have a large carseat for our 5 year old which we love however it is not ideal for air travel, Uber, cabs, etc.

Lightweight and compact, the RideSafer® Travel Vest easily stows away in your luggage or even on your child’s backpack. It is simple to pull out and use SAFELY once you arrive at your destination!

As a FMVSS 213 certified child restraint, RideSafer is a legal child restraint when used according to manufacturer’s instructions. We loved  keeping in our carryon and having available as soon as we reached the destination without the hassle of carrying a bulky car seat. Note- Technically the RideSafer is rated starting at 3 years old and 30 pounds. 

Note, it has few more steps to get the child in the vest than a typical car seat. So it can take a few minutes to tie it correctly. I like to offer my son a neck pillow on long rides. You can learn more here.


3.A Busy Bag

In my previous post I shared a lot of ideas for toys and activities you need to have ready in case your in flight entertainment is not going as you preferred. I added below items on my list. With growing kids, we need activities that keeps them interested and occupied.

water wow book

Water Wow color book – If you don’t already know about it, the Water Wow! is pretty much the greatest coloring book ever invented. I love that there is no hassle of taking markers, paints, or crayons. I bought 2 new books for Vir to keep him busy!

Play dough with new shapes and cutters.

New books -We love reading and so I got some new Pete the Cat books for my son. For older kids I recommend some cultural books that can educate them more about the destination. Please send me recommendations if you have any for India.

4. Foldable earphones

earphones JL BuddyWe have the J Buddies folding headphones that are east to pack in a bag and not bulky. Also they aren’t too expensive so I am not worried about misplacing them.




We can’t leave without one anywhere. And the tablet or ipad is absolutely a must when locked in an aircraft. I took it out only when Vir was done with everything else or when I needed to catch a nap for atleast 1 hour. We took the youtube subscription where you can download the videos in offline mode. I also downloaded his favorite Nat Geo animal documentary series and many games.  I highly recommend having a variety of age appropriate games to keep them busy. And one tip, definitely download some new games and videos that you think the kids will enjoy.

6. Fold-able potty seat

potty seatWe are still working on potty training so I made sure we had a convenient potty seat that I can carry with me anywhere. Thanks to my cousin I was introduced to this easy to carry potty seat that came with liners and a carry bag. And yes it was so convenient than buying a potty seat in India and carrying it within the cities I was going too.



7.Hand sanitizer and wipes + ( Masks ) 2021 update

We cant do without wipes, but we carried a big and small pack for lots of cleaning. The hand sanitizer is very important on travels. I didn’t want Vir to be sick for any reason and was almost sanitizing hands almost every few hours in flight and outdoors.

8. Adjustable face mask lanyards for kids

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is capture.pngThe lanyards are comfortable and easy to adjust when needed. The variety of colors is great too. We have lost several masks on our travel and so has our son. These lanyards are great to keep the mask safe and we are using them everywhere especially at school now.



9.Blanket and sleeping toy

I definitely recommend carrying your child’s favorite blanket and plush toy. Its is especially helpful in a long flight and also when you are sleeping in new places and  beds. My son slept comfortably with his Pooh everywhere and I carried it with me on flight and in train too.

10. Collapsible bottle 

BOTTLEOne of my favorite gift items and must have item for people on the go. This collapsible bottle from Hydaway is truly the best. It is ultra portable, easy to pack , non toxic and leak proof. This is one of the portable bottles that have a spout , so my son was able to sip easily. I carry it with me everywhere, and the best part is that there is no need to carry any plastic bottles that take space in a backpack or bag.



11.Insulated food jar and water bottle.

Thermos jarThis jar has saved us so many times. If your baby or toddler is eating solids but is picky, likes warm snacks, or is just not into eating restaurant food yet (and you aren’t too keen on always giving them jars of pre-packaged food), I would bring along one of these Thermos insulated jars. and bottles too


12. Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow



We got this neck pillow last year on our road trip from Houston to Breckenridge, Colorado. This neck pillow was the perfect accessory we needed for the journey and is now a must have on all our trips.. The surface of the cloth is like a honeycomb, which is more breathable, dry. Not easy to deformation, no pilling, 100% washable.



Airplane Busy Bag Must Haves + Tips on Flying Internationally with a Baby or Toddler

A Pediatrician’s advice on caring for your child’s health while travelling to a new country

Tips for Traveling with a baby. (Our short trip to New York)

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Girl Room (1)

Arushi (2)

Our Recent Family Vacation to Kauai, Hawaii in April 2021.

Shipwreck beach hike near Poipu

Wow! Kauai lived up to our Hawaiian dreams with its lush mountains, dramatic sea cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and stunning beaches. Finally, after 14 months our family took our first flight post our vaccination to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. This place is extremely kid friendly and there are so many activities you can do with your kids. Traveling with a kid looks a lot different at age 4. Vir was very excited, comfortable and cooperative on the journey. He wore masks for almost 14 hours non stop one way from the airports , to flights to shuttles to car rental service.

My idea for travel for this family vacation was a combination of relaxation and adventure for total 10 days while being completely logged out of office mails and calls. Kauai checked off every box and that is how we new it was the place to be. We chose the island of Kauai in Hawaii over other islands ( have also visited Big Island in 2010 for our honeymoon) because of its far more relaxed, natural environment. Here is a video on our hikes.

Sailing to Napali coast, hiking in multi-colored canyons and along coastal trails, frequent sightings of whales, dolphins, and snorkeling with turtles (and not forgetting the wild chickens that roam the island) was just what we needed for our souls. We found a real sense of solitude here due to its great outdoors and lack of major developments. You can reconnect with nature, lots of local culture and explore uncluttered sites.

It was such a refreshing and rejuvenating trip and a perfect birthday gift for me.

All my trip highlight and videos are saved on my Instagram page under Hawaii highlights. Click here to see all the stunning hikes, views and memories we made with our son.

Kauai Travel Restrictions

Note on April 5, 2021 Kauai rejoined Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing program which allows visitors to avoid a 10-day quarantine by taking a test before arrival. Visitors from the mainland US (and now Canada, Japan and Korea) will be able to avoid the mandatory 10-day quarantine by providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the final leg of departure. The test must be taken with one of these trusted testing partners.

Note: Only kids under 5 don’t need the test. So Vir didn’t have the RT PCR test.

The situation is constantly changing so check the County of Kauai website for the latest news.

Currently, proof of vaccination is not a recognized exemption from quarantine or pre-travel testing, but the state government is looking into it and it is possible that vaccine passports may be used by the summer.

We had to fill in the Safe Travels travel and health form online and upload negative test results before boarding our flight to Hawaii. Everyone will have their temperature taken on arrival. 

NOTE : Once screened at airport you will need an updated QR code to get to your car rental and to also enter your condo/ vacation rental. Make sure you have it updated right at airport, as several people at the car rental didn’t have the QR updated and had to go all the way back to the airport to get it checked.

Note wearing a mask is mandatory in Hawaii in indoor public places and outdoors when social distancing isn’t possible. Please travel responsibly.

Different islands have their own rules in addition to the pre-travel test so please check accordingly.

For in Island travel you will need a rental car. Most of the car rentals are at the Lihue airport only. There are also island taxis available, but I do not recommend relying on them. The island is not huge—you can drive from one side to the other in a few hours—but there is plenty to keep you occupied. We rented a Jeep for off roading experience.

Also, if you plan to book any tours, I recommend booking them in advance as due to new health protocols on the island lots of tour companies are running on limited capacity and get filled very quick or still not operational.

Our Stay in Kauai.

We split our stay on the island and lived in Poipu on the south shore and Princeville on the north shore to avoid long drives. This was a great decision.

Sunset views at Poipu from our airbnb condo

Things to do in South of Kauai.

Poipu Beaches

 I chose the South side for first half of the trip as it is sunnier and drier most of the year. The ocean is calm and was swimmable. There was easy access to beaches from our condo. Plus, there is a wide range of accommodation including some of the best hotels in Kauai (resorts and condos).  Also, lots of restaurants and cafés to get good food.

We loved our stay in Poipu, our son had such a great time on the beach. The beaches have areas that are perfect for kids and has no waves.

We also saw monk seals soaking the sun.

Kids beach at Poipu
Monk seals at Poipu Beach

I had an amazing time snorkeling here. The reefs are very close to the beach, so you do not have to swim too far or get a boat to get to snorkeling spots. The best place to snorkel in Kauai.

The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail at Shipwreck beach is a great hike to explore the otherwise inaccessible coastline.  Strong shore break can make this beach a dangerous spot to swim. Best for beachcombing and sunsets.

Go to Port Allen for sailing tours. We did the 4-hour Sunset Napali coast catamaran tour from Captain Andy’s. The sailing experience was not great for us as we three had sea sickness all the time. Yet we some how managed to see a pod of dolphins close to the boat and watch a mama and baby whale breaching. The Napali coast is seriously stunning, and I think it is a must do!

I recommend sitting in the front of the boat and having some Dramamine before and on the boat. (I learned my lesson the hard way).

If you have kids younger than 4 I won’t recommend it, our son is 4 and he threw up a lot and slept 80 percent of the time.

Catamaran boat tour to Napali Coast.

Makauwahi Cave Reserve trail A beautiful hike along a well-marked trailed with stunning ocean views (and access) leads to this ancient cave holding many fossils and delightful history. You do have to crawl through a narrow entry at the base of a sink hole to enter this magical place. I highly recommend this and recommend taking the long route and not short one. There is also a farm right next to the cave where you can go and see the male and female turtles. We had a great experience here.

Tortoise farm near Makauwahi Cave Reserve trail

Glass Beach is not the most spectacular on Kauai but is closer to Port Allen and you can see it on the way. It’s too rocky for swimming and small in size. Right behind you is an oil storage facility that provides a not so pleasing industrial backdrop. We couldn’t find enough glass here so I recommend to skip unless you have time to just have a look.

Glass Beach in Kauai.

From Poipu we also drove to the West Side of the island and explored:

  1. Waimea Canyon State Park. The area is remote and less developed. You can stop at different viewpoints to enjoy the beautiful canyon scenery. Traveling across the Waimea Canyon will take you approximately two hours if you spend some time at each stop. If you are planning to travel through the canyon without breaks, you will finish the journey in an hour. There are several lookouts dotted across the rim of the canyon, providing you with beautiful views throughout the hike.
Lookout point at Waimea Canyon State Park
  • The lookout above Kalalau Valley on the Na Pali Coast, provides one of the most fantastic views on the island and considered by many to be a must see. At 4,000 feet above sea level, the Kalalau Lookout is the highest elevation you will reach in Kauai by road alone. The air is much cooler at this level and it’s a good idea to bring a coat or sweatshirt. Kalalau Valley is part of the Na Pali Coast and there are no roads to it. The closest you can get to it by car is this overlook. The valley itself is two miles wide and one the widest on Kauai’s west side.
The lookout above Kalalau Valley on the Na Pali Coast
  • Pihea & Alakai Swamp Trail – The start of the Pihea Trail skirts the back of Kalalau Valley offering views into the valley that are incredible. The trail dives into the Alakai Swamp, and eventually intersects the Alakai Swamp Trail.

After 4 days of living in Poipu we moved to the most stunning part of the island the north shore in Hanalei, Princeville.

The North Shore is the most beautiful part of the island and one of the best places to stay in Kauai. We loved the mountain scenery, beaches, and cool town of Hanalei. This was by our favorite place to stay at any destination ever! (Ok close match to Santorini, Greece)

Anini Beach at Northshore of Kauai

Things to do near in North of Kauai, Hanalei.

Princeville is just stunning. We loved to walk to the Sunset look out point from our cottage on the lush green trails with the backdrop of the Makai golf course and stunning mountains. There is also a beach access, but parking is very tricky as there is no street parking and extremely limited public parking available to go to the beach.

We timed our trips to Hanalei almost daily and visited when the roads were open. In March 2021 there was a landslide which has led to limited road access to Hanalei (single lane at certain times of day). To visit Hanalei from Princeville we kept checking the latest news on the Hawaii Department of Transportation

Hanalei Beach and Hanalei Pier are one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset and enjoy the beach. You can rent SUP boards and kayaks too there. We visited this place thrice on our trip

Hanalei Pier

Limahuli Garden and Preserve– We explored this preserve and enjoyed the self-guided tour on one of our last days in Kauai. A bit off the beaten path, well, nearly the end of the line, by road, this was a great place for a leisurely walk into native and evasive plants found on Kauai.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

Tunnels Beach It was my favorite beach. The snorkeling is incredible – the reef is home to a multitude of beautiful fish, and there are almost always sea turtles! The mountains make for a gorgeous backdrop as well for family pictures. The parking can get tricky, so your best bet is to park at the public side and walk to Tunnels beach.

Anini Beach is a great for simply relaxing with a book, fishing from shore or paddle boarding above the lively reef and perfect for kids. The deeper and clearer water can be enticing, and I swam right close to few turtles here and got some great shots on my Go pro. The Beach Park has multiple campsites with permits, shade trees, picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms and showers. We went here thrice on our trip

Snorkeling with turtles at Anini beach

As we spent almost 7 days at Princeville, we drove to the East side to explore, shop, and eat.

Kauai Hindu Monastery and the Rudraksha Grove –We were overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing the beauty of this Hindu monastery in Kauai. Beautiful outdoor monastery and new temple being built near Wailua River Falls. Statues and grounds are amazing. Make sure you get a reservation if you want to visit the inside of the temples. The Rudraksha grove is very close to the temple and a must visit. We spent over an hour here mesmerized by color and beauty of the holy grove. You should not miss going here.

Rudraksha grove in Kauai near the Kauai Hindu Monastery

The Wailua falls can be seen from a viewpoint and  cannot be hiked so these 2 locations can be done on same day.

Kauai Plantation Railway in Lihue– We wanted to do the railway tour. Unfortunately, it was closed. Seemed great for kids. You can check them out and call and book in advance.

Luau Feast -A trip to Hawaii would not be complete without taking part in a traditional luau (feast). This luau experience at Kilohana Plantation on Kauai includes the convenience of round-trip hotel transport (if option selected), a lei greeting and champagne on arrival, and a 4-course dinner of local specialties. Unfortunately, all Luau on Kauai, were closed during our visit. You can check ahead of time if you travel.

Local Farmer’s Markets are also great places to go to see the local cuisines, art and fruits. I recommend checking online while or before travelling when and where are the farmer’s market in the are you stay or close by. We visited to one in Hanalei.

In my next blog post I will be sharing our favorite places to eat, and things I packed for our 10-day trip.

Note: Hawaii is not cheap or budget friendly, you will have to decide what to prioritize: ocean views, beach access, fantastic pool, kitchen, onsite restaurants, access to sights or whatever is best for your family. I believe on the East Side, you’ll get the best value for money, but you won’t have the views of the North Shore or as easy access to sights as in the South.

You might also consider splitting your time between two areas to avoid long day trips as we did.

If you plan anytime to travel to Kauai, I wish you have a wonderful time. Do not forget to be updated on local island travel guidelines. You can ask me a question in comments below or DM me on my Instagram and I will reply you as soon as I can.


Celebrating Holi “The Festival of Colors” with Kids. DIY, Crafts, Recipes & More

Like many South Asian parents’ preservation of culture is imperative for me and family too. It is of utmost importance we pass on our cultural values to our children. And so, just like every year we are very excited to celebrate The Festival of Colors- Holi with our almost 5-year-old son.

Holi teaches our kids about unity as a family. I believe it is the perfect outward expressions of infusing hope and optimism into our homes. As Vir is growing older he is understanding and remembering the significance of each of our festivals even more. My mom has been a special influence on Vir for past few months as she has been visiting us from India. He is so lucky to celebrate Diwali in November 2020 and now Holi in March 2021 with his Nani.

Last year I shared a blog post How to Celebrate Holi in Your Child’s Classroom. Similarly, this year too Vir will be presenting to his class all about Holi. We will be doing the same this year as well. I always prepare Vir for a short presentation that he gives to his class. He did one on Diwali too.

To kickstart the arrival of spring we plan to decorate our home for a fresh feel. Some simple changes I am doing:

Decorating Vir’s study with this Free printable Holi banner

Giving the living room a bright new makeover, with bright and colorful cushions.

Adding fresh flowers to the center, side, and dining table to welcome spring and light some scented candles.

Changing from whites to colorful bed sheets with vibrant pillows and cushions in tandem with the colorfulness of the whole ambiance.

Using Vir’s art to decorate the space especially his Art wall in the room.

On the day of Holi I plan to decorate the dining table and kitchen island with Holi colors in small pots and colorful décor pieces from All Things Artistic (they have some really beautiful pieces of decor items and more), also fresh flowers and of course some homemade delicacies like thandai, shakar parre and gujiyas, savory items and more!

7 DIY activities we are working on to celebrate Holi

1.Last year we made this Easy DIY Holi T shirt. It was a hit and we love how you can make this a family activity every year and wear to school.

2.Making a card for any occasion is an essential part of celebrating any festival. This year Vir made this Paint Splatter card. You need water colors a paint brush and to splatter just use a comb and rub the painted brush .

3.Planting seeds for spring flowers – Not only is its super fun to plant your own seeds and watch them grow, but it provides all kinds of learning opportunities. Besides learning about plants, children also gain knowledge in using various scientific skills like making observations and predictions. Planting seeds also teaches children about responsibility as they learn to care for their plants daily.

4.I recently came across a design and illustration shop called Intrikate Ink that creates original and customized coloring books, tattoos and even merchandize for adults and kids. This gorgeous Mickey Mouse Mandala coloring page caught my eye and I reached out to the creator Surabhi on her Instagram page to help me share her beautiful work with my son and my readers. This was such successful activity for me and Vir as we both participate and collaboratively completed it. I am framing this one.

Download the Free Mickey Mandala Page here by Intrikate Ink

5. Get the kids in the kitchen and make some desserts. I recently made these delicious and healthy version of Gujiyas with my mom. They were perfect and I can indulge without worrying about too many calories. To see the video and healthy recipe you can check my Instagram post.

6. Rangoli Floor Puzzle from Kulture Khazana has been a such a fantastic way to engage Vir and teach him the importance of it for our festivals. I love through these fun activities our kids can learn the importance of these elements in our culture.

7. Reading Lets’ Celebrate Holi by Ajanta Chakraborty is a great way to learn all about this famous Indian festival of colors including the story behind Holi, the colorful Holi markets, the incredible fun of playing Holi, the delicious Holi food and drinks and even about some unique ways of celebrating throughout the country. We will also be reading this book in Vir’s class. There is also a fun activity book that

Let's Celebrate Holi! (Maya & Neel's India Adventure Series, Book 3) by [Ajanta Chakraborty, Vivek Kumar, Janelle Diller]

Stocking on items to play Holi with family and our friends in pandemic pod.

We started to use the Holi powder to play with our 4 year old since last year only. When he was a toddler, we used flower petals and used these edible homemade paints made with just 2 ingredients to make celebrate the festival with our baby.

I ordered this Holi powder that is anti-allergic, skin friendly, washable, and non-toxic. You can get Holi Powder from Amazon or local Indian Grocery Stores just in time for the festival.

Also I recently got these 100 water ballons packet to prepare for water fight.

And this water blaster . As Holi is incomplete without that splash of water!

You can also use colored bath drops in the mini pool and bath tub to create the colored water effect.

We are very excited to celebrate Holi this year and it’s even more special as my mom is visiting us. Vir is so lucky to have his grandparent, his Nani on this joyous occasion.

I wish you and your family a fresh start and a bright and cheerful 2021. Happy Holi.


How We Updated Our Kid’s Bedroom. Easy Ideas, DIY and More

Creating a space for your little one to play and grow can is a fun experience. Although, it can also be a challenging one and so I took a lot of time to get it done. After all, a beautiful, functional room that your child will love both now and for years to come is a tall order! Whether you’re working with a small room or a big imagination, making the most of your child’s space is an absolute necessity.

I am sharing some links and tips in this post on how to keep it practical and functional without having to splurge a lot.

You can also check my previous post on Tour of our son’s nursery.

1 Keeping it Simple– My idea was keeping the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, this way we can create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as our son grows. The bed can take up a lot of space so we wanted a simple one that it can be extended with time. We have it for last 2 years now. Open shelves for books and toys not only gives easy access but also acts as décor for the room

Book Sheves from Ikea , Toy 6 Cube shelf from Target , Extendable bed from Ikea , Mini storage chest from Ikea (I updated this with some chalk paper), Cubes from H&M Home

2. Designing a kid friendly space – Keeping the height in mind of our growing son we made sure the shelves, bed and toys are easily accessible. Which mean low bins, open shelving, and easy-to-access hooks all encourage self-responsibility and independent play.

3. Focus on play We have used chalkboard paper to upgrade our son’s kitchen, an easy-to-update art gallery where to display his favorite creations .

Play Kitchen – Ikea , Pin up board from Marshall , Picture frames for gallery wall , Wall hook from Ikea , 8 drawer dresser Hemnes Dresser , Rocket Night light

Some other ideas like a kid friendly swing, built-in rock-climbing wall, bunk bed slide, or ceiling-suspended cargo net also make for great options, encouraging play while helping to burn up all that extra, pre-bedtime energy if you have a big house.

4. Use wall art for inspirational quotes, images and brightening the room. A great piece of art can make a child’s bedroom, or a playroom come alive. While one wall of our son’s room has his art work , the other walls are filled with inspiring quotes, posters and personalized  wall décor.

Posters from

  1. Customizable Positive Affirmation print  –
  2. Little Man Cave print
  3.  Mars Explorer wanted poster

Also a kid-friendly work area is a must. Providing your child with a place to color and create will not only keep them busy but may also help with their physical and mental development. When your child is older, a personal workspace can come in handy, offering a quiet place to study and do homework. We have his work area in our living room currently as that is where I also work from and is the most used space of our home.

Workspace in our living room

5 Play with Color- Kids love color but choosing the right one can be tricky. We kept our son’s nursery white and added wall decals.  And for the first time have we painted a wall in the house. Love that neutral setting can be easily updated when your kiddo is ready for a new look. And so we went to lowes and picked the HGTV-HOME-by-Sherwin-Williams-Blue-Bicycle- paint and painted 2 walls.

Here is a how to on painting

Don’t rush prep time. If you usually do your own painting, you can probably manage a half-painted wall too. Take your time, be sure you have a helper and gather all the necessary tools before you begin. Start here:

High-quality painters’ tape is a must for this project because you will be relying on it to create a really crisp, neat line.

A laser level (which usually costs $50 to $100) is a worthwhile investment for this project because it makes the process much quicker — and more precise.

If you want to keep the existing wall color, you can move along to making your line. If not, you’ll need to paint the wall first and allow it to dry.

Use the laser level to cast a laser line at the height you want, and have your helper trace the line in pencil. Once you have the pencil line where you want it, cover the line with painters’ tape. If you don’t have a laser level, measure up from the floor in several spots, mark each spot and then use a straight edge to draw a line between the marks. Check your work with a level before continuing.

Cover the floor with tarps, cover, and tape baseboards, and loosen any switch plates in the painting zone.

Paint on one side of the tape line, allow it to dry and apply a second coat if using. Wait until the paint is dry to the touch (usually about an hour) before removing the tape.

Hope this helps, more videos and information on my Instagram. I am available to answer any DMs on my IG Page or here in the comment section. Happy Decorating!


2020 Holiday Gift Guides for Moms & Kids

One thing that I love about the holiday season is the endless supply of gifting options that are available in stores and online. Covid-19 is forcing all of us to rethink our holiday gift-giving. Concert tickets? Can’t go. New sweater or clothes? No one will see it. But there’s plenty that loved ones and we could use to get through the long days of work from home and general pandemic loneliness. 

Here are some of my recommendations that have been 2020-tested by me and my family. I have curated a list of some of my favorite things. And additionally added some of my son’s favorite items from toys to games.

Gifts for the Women in your life or for yourself

  1. Rechargeable Self Defense Alarm Key chain with Emergency Mini LED Flashlight – Security Personal Protection Devices for Women Girls Kids and Elderly. ( Available in 3 colors $15.99 on Amazon) Great Stocking Stuffer
  2. Portable Otterbox Charging kit. Its convenient and slim design slips into pockets, and you can trust the 3-in-1 cable to power any device. Available in many colors here Great Stocking Stuffer
  3. CIYOYO 3 in 1 wireless charging station can charge your Phone/iWatch/AirPods simultaneously. Makes a very useful gift. I am getting one for my husband for his night stand. (Available on Amazon)
  4. For the home decor lover – Decorative White Books, Set of 3 – This is Us Stacked Books – Rustic Farmhouse Accent Decor for a Living Room Coffee Table, Entryway Shelf, End Table, Mantel & Bedroom Night Stand. Available in 3 designs on Amazon.
  5. Mid Century Indoor, Bamboo, Wooden, Adjustable (8-12 Inch), Tall Modern Plant Holder. Love the planter holders. Pots not included Available on Amazon
  6. One of my most used item in our house Bearaby weighted cotton napper A buttery soft, breathable, knitted weighted blanket made from long-staple GOTS-certified organic cotton. Available in many colors here.
  7. Recharging my skin care routine with this face pack. A five-minute facial in a jar that targets dull, rough, and uneven skin for a smoother, brighter complexion by Fresh. Available at Sephora. Great Stocking Stuffer
  8. Print Fresh Bagheera Long Sleep set is one of my recent picks for myself and my mom. These long pajama sets are sewn from a lightweight, breathable cotton poplin that becomes softer with each wash. They are perfect for lounging around on a relaxing Sunday morning or curling up for a cozy evening with a good book.
  9. Depuff , brighten, hydrate and treat your and your loved one eyes with these award winning Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks as gifts. Great Stocking Stuffer
  10. I recently got this unique inspirational quote and time marker water bottle for measuring my daily intake of water, reminding me to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. Available in many colors on Amazon
  11. Love these jumbo Coconut Bowls And Wooden Spoon Sets: 2 Vegan Organic Salad Smoothie or Buddha Bowl Kitchen Utensils. Makes a great gift for anyone. Available on Amazon.
  12. Worth investing into this jump rope for a quick and effective workout at home. Adjustable for Men, Women and Children. Available on Amazon. Great Stocking Stuffer

Gift Guide for Kids (Age 3-10)

By now, you’ve already been overwhelmed with Top Toy Lists for 2020 hitting your Instagram stories every single day. However, this list is a little different most of these toys are a big win in our home. This year, I decided to put together an Amazon gift guide for kids so that you can find all the best toys in one place. From games to STEM toys, I’ve gathered them all to zoo membership. Be sure to bookmark this post so you can refer to it whenever you need to buy a gift! Whether you need to shop for the kid who has everything, or something special for your own kids, you’ll find everything you need in this massive list! Here is the Ultimate Amazon gift guide for kids, I hope it will make your holiday shopping so much easier.

1.Archaeology Science STEM Crafts Gifts for Boys & Girls. Dig up 12 dino eggs & discover 12 unique dinosaur models: Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs. This toy keeps my son busy and has helped him learn about Dinosaurs. Available at Amazon.

2. Sequence for kids- If you see my IG Stories you know we play this game daily ! Play a card from your hand, and place your chip on the corresponding character on the board – the first with four chips in a row wins! Available at Amazon.

3.Super hero capes for the kids to keep them busy for days and change multiple daily while locked indoors. Available at Amazon

4. OSMO – Award winning and innovative tech game for kids of 3 and above. There are several games to choose from and my son plays it almost daily. Currently on Sale HERE

5. My son loves getting new magazines in mail every month . We really like the Highlights Magazines for Kids, designed with humor to keeps kids engaged. Currently over 67% off. here.

6. This was a great gift from our family friend to Vir. This Shifu interactive AR globe is our kid’s magical gateway to travel the world and I love how it sparks curiosity. Available here

7. On my Christmas gift list for our son is this Ultimate Microscope for kids. Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box. Available at Amazon.

8.Recently ordered this for my son. Think Fun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Preschool Game for Pre-Readers and Early Readers Age 4 and Up – One of the Most Popular Board Games for Boys and Girls and their Parents. Available on Amazon.

9 Zoo Memberships make a great gift for the year. We have been of Houston Zoo for last 2 years and have really taken advantage of it every season.

10.My son always carries his Geo Safari Jr Binoculars, for outdoor play and at parks and on our travels. Available at Amazon. Great Stocking Stuffer

11. We love outdoor play especially in rains and for the puddle fun. These kids Hunter boots are long lasting and can be sized up for 1-2 years of fun. Available here.

12. Vir recently go these Way To Play roads . Love the quality and design. Straights, curves, parking spaces, and more. Love that these are made of high grade, child safe rubber, and you can take anywhere and anytime the beach, deep pile carpet or that bumpy garden path, turn any place into a highway. Available here

I hope you find something for yourself or your loved ones. These are some practical gifts that range from $10 to $250. Happy Holidays!!

Gearing Up for Diwali at Home. Recipes, DIY crafts & More

This post is sponsored by Riondo Prosecco #Ad21+

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. The pandemic has affected each one of us in different ways. Yet it has also taught us to slow down and truly enjoy the simple things while being grateful for what we have. 

And with very limited things to be excited about this year, I am looking forward to celebrating Diwali with my family. The festivities around Diwali bring in so much peace and warmth in our homes. 

Although this year Diwali will look a little different as we won’t be going to house parties or for that matter to the temple to enjoy the fireworks, I am busy finding the right ethnic outfits, cleaning our house, ordering decorations for our home, and planning the menu. We are in complete festive mood here as we plan to celebrate it with the same vigor and joy with another family of 3 in a few days.  

I am especially excited to play Teen Patti also known as Flash or Flush which is one of our favorite card games and a huge hit during Diwali season. It’s more of a tradition to play with friends and family at home and is auspicious too. We usually also add board games into the mix like desi chaat, snakes and ladders, ludo so that kids can also join. 

To complement a good teen patti night with spicy and aromatic food I highly recommend trying a glass of prosecco with a curry meal instead of beer as trust me it tastes even better. The finer bubbles in Riondo Prosecco (my favorite) stimulate the palate and the aromas of the prosecco complement the delightful spices in Indian food. It’s also perfect to enjoy while you’re preparing your home and meals in advance of Diwali.

Riondo Prosecco is an authentic sparkling wine that celebrates the easy-living spirit of Italy. This vino frizzante boasts fresh aromas of Golden Delicious apple, pear, and acacia blossom. Its persistent effervescence is followed by a crisp, clean finish. While delicate and fruity on the palate, this prosecco is the perfect choice to either sip by itself or mix to make a bubbly cocktail.

You can order it here and with the code ARUSHI you can get $10 off your first delivery order!

Diwali is a festival that is a feast for the eyes, and stomach, with many variations to enjoy! And in today’s post I am sharing some exciting recipes from award winning author and cooking instructor Shubhra aka @SpiceGirlKitchen’ s books- Entice With Spice and Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking. I love how Shubhra Ramineni has worked on easy and quick Indian recipes that any beginner can cook at home. 

Snacks/ starters are essential for any festival and so Indian chaat, samosas, pani puri, allo tikkis, bhel make a great way to start the celebration at home. I created this Chaat board a while back and will be improvising it on Diwali by adding a few more items like dhokla, puri, chakri and more. All of these items are available in Indian stores in the frozen section, or from Indian restaurants. You can add a glass of Riondo Prosecco with the starters too or enjoy at the end with teen patti card party or Strawberry Lassi.

Below are some delicious and easy to make Indian food recipes from Shubhra aka @SpiceGirlKitchen from her book- Entice With Spice.

Check this easy to make strawberry lassi recipe here. A healthy, refreshing, no sugar added lassi (Indian yogurt smoothie) 

Check out this spicy and flavorful paneer recipe here.

Check out the Pea and Jeera Rice recipe here. Perfect fragrant Basmati rice every time in minutes without a rice cooker!

photo from Entice with Spice

Kheer is a famous South Asian dessert served hot or chilled as per one’s liking. Check out the recipe here

We are also creating some Diwali crafts and cards at home. You can see my blog post here and download the free Diwali printable to color. Pavni from @Pkk.designs has created this beautiful Diwali coloring card mandala for all my readers. We will be coloring a lot of these cards for our family and friends.

Pic by @Pkk.designs

I Wish You A Year Rich With Love, Happiness, Prosperity And Wisdom. Happy Diwali to you and your family! Wishing that this Diwali brings prosperity to your business and more opportunities for us to work together! May the lights of Diwali Diyas fill your home with wealth, happiness, and everything that Brings You Joy!

DIY Diwali Craft Ideas For Kids.

Diwali is approaching, and we have started preparing for it at our home, be it from buying diyas, rangolis, decorative items, lights, to preparing for the festivities. Re-decorating our home is the big goal and if you are looking for new ideas to deck up your house with simple crafts hand made by your little ones, read along.

I am delegating simple and easy to do tasks to Vir. While there are multiple Diwali craft ideas for preschool kids as well as grown-up children, I shortlisted some of our favorite craft activities that we are working on this year. I started looking for some craft kits and shops too to get pre made kits. And that saved me so much time. I love to support small business and encourage you all too also do your bit in helping them out this time of the year.

Here are some of the interesting and easy to make crafts for Diwali for home and school.

Diwali Greeting Card (Free Printable)

There is no precious gift than something handmade, right? We are teaching our son to make some personalized ones for each relative that can be posted in mail for families across the world. I loved the art work by Pavni Kapoor from PKK DESIGNS and she was so kind to custom make a Diwali Rangoli design card for my readers. Vir loved coloring it and adding some jewels and stickers to bling it up. You can download it HERE.

Celeberate Diwali in School

Download the Diya coloring sheet here.

Download Diwali Math count and write sheet for Pre K/ Kindergarten here

Read to class Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali! (Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, Book 1)

Diwali Diya gifts for class and teachers.

2. Hand Painted Diwali Diyas as gifts

We ordered some earthen diyas online (you can also find it in Indian stores) and used acrylic paint to color the diyas. After they completely dry, add some different colors, jewels, or use markers to make patterns. Vir loved making them and was so proud to see how they turned out.

3. Foam Diya Craft Kit for home decoration.

Apart from working painting and coloring we really wanted to make some home decor pieces for the house. I found these beautiful foam diya craft set from Etsy and loved how they turned out.

Foam Diya craft for decoration

4. Paper Lantern Kit for home decoration.

I cant imagine Diwali decoration without some kandils in the house. This beautiful kit from etsy store was just the perfect craft for me too honestly. I really enjoyed making the kandils and decking them up. You need to supervise young kids with this craft.

5. Making Rangoli with flowers.

Last year we celebrated Diwali at Delhi, India and Vir helped me make a floral rangoli at my in-laws houses. This year we are planning to make some floral rangoli too and I cant wait to share that very soon on my Instagram.

6. Diwali Banners & decoration from small shop Desi Favors.

Desi Favors specializes in merchandise of traditional Indian handmade products, party decor for weddings, religious events, bhajans, baby showers, get-togethers, give away gifts, DIY backdrop kits, gift packs, DIY kits for kids and more. Check them out. I love these Big diya cut outs that I am using to decorate indoors.

Small sized Diya Paper Cutouts for Diwali Decorations Set of 15
Source: Desi Favors etsy shop

7. Diwali photo frame.

I found this image on Pinterest and immediately pinned it for future craft reference with Vir. This is a perfect activity for older kids to cut, paint and craft.

Source : Pinterest

8. DIY recipe for chocolate gifts for Diwali

If your kids enjoy joining you in the kitchen, they can help you in creating this Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark as a DIY recipe gift for Diwali. Love this easy and delicious recipe by Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch. Check out the recipe post here on her blog. I love following Nisha, she has some great recipes and tips.

You can also give it a twist and make yogurt barks instead of chocolate, use mango yogurt, strawberry yogurt or any other flavor and add same toppings.

Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark
Source: Love Laugh Mirch blog

We love Diwali at home and its the time of the year when the whole family is in one place, celebrating and enjoying. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your loved ones lives!