DIY Diwali Craft Ideas For Kids.

Diwali is approaching, and we have started preparing for it at our home, be it from buying diyas, rangolis, decorative items, lights, to preparing for the festivities. Re-decorating our home is the big goal and if you are looking for new ideas to deck up your house with simple crafts hand made by your little ones, read along.

I am delegating simple and easy to do tasks to Vir. While there are multiple Diwali craft ideas for preschool kids as well as grown-up children, I shortlisted some of our favorite craft activities that we are working on this year. I started looking for some craft kits and shops too to get pre made kits. And that saved me so much time. I love to support small business and encourage you all too also do your bit in helping them out this time of the year.

Here are some of the interesting and easy to make crafts for Diwali for home and school.

Diwali Greeting Card (Free Printable)

There is no precious gift than something handmade, right? We are teaching our son to make some personalized ones for each relative that can be posted in mail for families across the world. I loved the art work by Pavni Kapoor from PKK DESIGNS and she was so kind to custom make a Diwali Rangoli design card for my readers. Vir loved coloring it and adding some jewels and stickers to bling it up. You can download it HERE.

Celeberate Diwali in School

Download the Diya coloring sheet here.

Download Diwali Math count and write sheet for Pre K/ Kindergarten here

Read to class Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali! (Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, Book 1)

Diwali Diya gifts for class and teachers.

2. Hand Painted Diwali Diyas as gifts

We ordered some earthen diyas online (you can also find it in Indian stores) and used acrylic paint to color the diyas. After they completely dry, add some different colors, jewels, or use markers to make patterns. Vir loved making them and was so proud to see how they turned out.

3. Foam Diya Craft Kit for home decoration.

Apart from working painting and coloring we really wanted to make some home decor pieces for the house. I found these beautiful foam diya craft set from Etsy and loved how they turned out.

Foam Diya craft for decoration

4. Paper Lantern Kit for home decoration.

I cant imagine Diwali decoration without some kandils in the house. This beautiful kit from etsy store was just the perfect craft for me too honestly. I really enjoyed making the kandils and decking them up. You need to supervise young kids with this craft.

5. Making Rangoli with flowers.

Last year we celebrated Diwali at Delhi, India and Vir helped me make a floral rangoli at my in-laws houses. This year we are planning to make some floral rangoli too and I cant wait to share that very soon on my Instagram.

6. Diwali Banners & decoration from small shop Desi Favors.

Desi Favors specializes in merchandise of traditional Indian handmade products, party decor for weddings, religious events, bhajans, baby showers, get-togethers, give away gifts, DIY backdrop kits, gift packs, DIY kits for kids and more. Check them out. I love these Big diya cut outs that I am using to decorate indoors.

Small sized Diya Paper Cutouts for Diwali Decorations Set of 15
Source: Desi Favors etsy shop

7. Diwali photo frame.

I found this image on Pinterest and immediately pinned it for future craft reference with Vir. This is a perfect activity for older kids to cut, paint and craft.

Source : Pinterest

8. DIY recipe for chocolate gifts for Diwali

If your kids enjoy joining you in the kitchen, they can help you in creating this Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark as a DIY recipe gift for Diwali. Love this easy and delicious recipe by Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch. Check out the recipe post here on her blog. I love following Nisha, she has some great recipes and tips.

You can also give it a twist and make yogurt barks instead of chocolate, use mango yogurt, strawberry yogurt or any other flavor and add same toppings.

Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark
Source: Love Laugh Mirch blog

We love Diwali at home and its the time of the year when the whole family is in one place, celebrating and enjoying. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your loved ones lives!